The Knights of Pythagoras is a youth program for boys between the ages of eight through eighteen. This program exists currently in 25 states across the U.S. and is sponsored by Prince Hall Masons, Inc. This movement, originally  The Chivalric Order of Knight Companions, was commenced by Masons representing The Grand Jurisdiction of Kansas and Colorado, in a conference held on November 19th, 1938.


It was adopted for universal use in the Grand Jurisdiction of Prince Hall Masons dispersed throughout the United States under the name "THE ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF PYTHAGORAS," at the National Conference of Grand Masters of Prince Hall Masons, under the leadership

of Grand Master Amos T. Hall, President, held in Denver, Colorado, May 8-10, 1951. A survey of all the movements designed for the benefit of youths, as started in several Grand Jurisdictions, disclosed two alarming defects.


(1) Because of the localization of these movements, boys found no similar organizations when they left their homes and traveled to other states,


(2) the jurisdictions, of themselves, have shown that financially and in many other respects, they are unable to provide adequately and efficiently for this all-important work. As a solution to these and many other difficulties,


"The International Supreme Council of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras" was formed at a National Conference on Youth, held in Chicago, Illinois, August 17, 1958, with Grand Masters and representatives of 20 Prince Hall (states) jurisdictions.

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